Cd is determined in food stuff by a GFAAS method. This analysis method involves a preparatory sample destruction step to free the Cd from organic substances. 10 blank values are obtained by analyzing Cd-free samples with the same procedure. These 10 blank samples yielded the following values (area under the curve): 0.035, 0.023, 0.017, 0.045, 0.033, 0.020, 0.041, 0.026, 0.013, 0.022. A relatively simple definition (there are different possibilities!) of the limit of detection (LOD) is that it is equal to the average signal of a blank sample plus three times the standard deviation of the measurements:

Calculate the mean and the standard deviation of these values and use them to determine the LOD for the GFAAS method.
NOTE: separate decimals with a dot (.), not with a comma (,)!

Mean value
Standard deviation
Limit of detection