2017-2018 Course edition.

General information

The course consists of lectures, exercises and assignments. The basic schedule consists of 4 lectures, each associated with two seminars: the 1st seminar one week after the lecture, the 2nd seminar 2 weeks after each lecture.

The courses 'Chemometrics I' and 'Chemometrics for Molecular Life Sciences' will start in week 6, Febr. 6, 2018, with the first lecture. All lectures are on Tuesdays from 8.45 - 10.30 hours (HG00.616; see also the 'Rooster' site). Because of the carnaval, the first seminar associated with the first lecture is on Monday afternoon, two weeks after the lecture (HG00.206), the second seminar is one day later, on Tuesday afternoon (also HG00.023). Most seminars in the weeks thereafter are on Tuesday afternoon (HG00.023). The last seminar is rescheduled because of the exam-weeks.

After each lecture the student has one week to do exercises related to that lecture. The results can be discussed, finalized and checked during the first seminar. If the results are correct an assignment is handed out. These assignments can be discussed during the second seminar (as well as the outcome of the previous assignment), one week later. The assignment hand in is mostly 2 days later, on Thursday, the latest.

During the lectures examples will be given of the application of the various chemometrical techniques. However, in order to illustrate the usefulness from an Industrial point of view there will be a guest lecture.

Lecturers: Geert Postma, Jeroen Jansen
Teaching assistents: Andre van den Doel, and Mike Koeman
Location of the lectures: mostly HG00.616
Location of the seminars: mostly HG00.023


Subject Lecture (8.45-10.30h, HG00.616) Response lecture 1
Assignment hand out(13.45-17.30h, HG00.023)
Response lecture 2

(13.45-17.30h, HG00.023)

Multivariate analysis Tue 6/2/2018 Mon 19/2/2018 Tue 20/2/2018
Assignment hand in Sun 25/2/2018
Clustering Tue 20/2/2018 Tue 27/2/2018


Tue 6/3/2018
Assignment hand in 8/3/2018
Classification Tue 6/3/2018 Tue 13/3/2018 Tue 20/3/2018

Assignment hand in 22/3/2018

Multivariate regression Tue 20/3/2018 Mon 26/3/2018

1h guest lecture?

Tue 27/3/2018, 

Assignment hand in 9/4/2018

There will be an additional question hour on the last assignment .

Students should register in 'Osiris' (TIS in the past) for the course. Please check the registration for the formal exam in Osiris.