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The course 'Statistics' is meant for students in Chemistry, Molecular Life Sciences and (Natural) Science(s). It treats, perhaps not surprisingly, the basics of statistics. The subjects in this course are indispensible for all empirical scientists. This set of web-based exercises is set up with the aim to provide an easy way to practice the concepts without too much tedious computation; that is left to the computer.

The course takes seven weeks; every week one of the menu items (except 'Background') is treated. The last week, both 'Experimental Design' and 'More experimental designs' are treated. The titles of the menu items reflect the chapters in the reader. In each case, the theory is reviewed briefly and a number of questions is shown on the current subject. Consult the reader (see Blackboard) if anything is unclear. After having studied all subjects, a set of mixed exercises can be done as a preparation for the exam. The course is concluded by some (hopefully inspiring) examples of applications of simple and not-so-simple statistics in the natural sciences. Exams from the last couple of years are available as well.