Pattern Recognition

The course 'Pattern Recognition for the Natural Sciences' gives an in-depth coverage of the most important pattern recognition techniques (multi-dimensional data analysis techniques). It is a course at the MSc level for 3 EC.
It consists of a series of 8 weekly lectures and seminars. During these seminars the basic concepts explained during the lectures can be exercised and deepened. This will be done by means of computer exercises and assignments. Also time will devoted to a written report, which will be part of the examination.
Information on books and (tutorial) papers which can be used as study material will be provided during the course.

The course is open to all master students with an appropriate background (e.g. the course Omics, Chemometrics or a similar course on the basics of multivariate data analysis covering PCA, some classification and clustering techniques, and regression). For RU students: please register in OSIRIS!