Schedule 2017-2018

The course of the study year 2017/2018 will start in the second quarter. In principle each week there will be a lecture and a practical (seminar). During the practicals the student can work on exercises and an assignment will have to be made. Software routines for the practicals will be provided (partly provided during the practicals, partly using the PRiNS package, see the PRiNS package page). During the week following the lecture the student can also perform part of the exercises on the lecture subject him-/herself.
The lectures will take place in room HG00.108, most practicals in room HG00.137. The lectures are on Wednesdays from 10.45 to 13.30 hours, the practicals mostly on the same day between 13.45 and 17.30h. For course material and background reading/study material, see the Documentation page. Handouts will be made available after the lectures.
The table below presents a tentative overview of the subjects of the course. Please note, that the lectures will take place every week (apart from holidays and exceptions) and that changes to the schedule and subjects are possible.

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Schedule of the PRiNS course with tentative subjects:

Date Subject Lecturer (location)
15/11/2017 An optimal workflow in data analysis J. Jansen / G. Postma
22/11/2017 Alignment / SOMs G. Postma
29/11/2017 Pre-processing / Multivariate Curve Resolution J. Jansen
06/12/2017 PLS variants / validation (practical 7/12 13.45h HG00.029) G. Postma
13/12/2017 SVM, kernel visualization / intermed. assignment present. G. Postma
20/12/2017 ASCA / PARAFAC J. Jansen
10/01/2018 Optimization G. Postma
17/01/2018 Data fusion / Chemometrics in action / assignment presentations J. Jansen and G. Postma
31/01/2018 Submit report (exam) J. Jansen